Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Fever

 Well today was 76 degrees what a beautiful day I truly believe  I may becoming down with spring fever fever.   This would  have been a perfect day to play Hooke from work and go fishing, they say a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. The day started off rough with rain, very heavy at times, but by noon the sun won over the rain and clouds. Got home and laid claim to the left over chicken from yesterdays grilling over charcoals. Time to break out the smokers. Jake our pet dog decided we should go outside,Told him to wait I'll grab camera in case something worth shooting is out side. I open the door and Jake shoots out like a Ballistic Missile feet never touching the steps.He chases all the birds and a squirrel from his domain. this is his yard and no creature is allowed to stay when Jake makes his rounds. Except crows Jake is terrified of them.

 There is one of Jake's buddies, Jake has been chasing him for a few years now and Mr. Squirrel will just climb up fence to a nearby tree sit there and tease Jake. of course I did see a Blue Jay,Red winged Black Bird and a woodpecker all take flight when Jake appeared.
 This warm weather has brought the daffodils to light. Then I think of my mom in Vermont I spoke with her on phone yesterday and talked weather favorite subject for Vermonters and she said they still have snow on the ground,she can,t wait for warm weather and flowers.

 Jake's next door neighbor and girl friend comes over to fence to say Hi

 Well in front yard now looking at the Hamilton Marsh (Spring Lake) just thinking won,t belong now and when the trees are all adorned with there leaves the marsh will be invisible until the fall.Guess better go in and start dinner not grilling tonight with this spring favor I believe it will be hamburger helper tonight Mexican style

 On way in front door Rocky wakes up "sorry Rocky go back to sleep like you have not had enough sleep already" Rocky is Jessica's cat named after the Legendary Boxer from the movie ROCKY.

Rocky's nickname is Rooie he insist on making sure everyone is up in the morning why do I even bother setting an alarm to get up like this morning alarm set for 5am  but know the roo jumps up on bed and meows real load until you are up then leads you to his dish for some cat chow "Some Day Roo!!"

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  1. Once again I enjoyed taking a walk--nice to have Jake along.
    Your cat looks so much like the one my Mom and Dad cherished for years. he out-lived them both!