Saturday, March 17, 2012

To Market To Market


Happy St. Patrick's Day "The Top Of The Morning To You" Its a chilly morning here today and foggy can't see the Marsh from Window has an Erie look to it. Well when the sun comes out guess I better work in the yard today got to do spring clean up and put down some fertilizer and weed prevent er, but if I stop the crabgrass then I won't have much of a lawn.
Patti's cell phone ringing "Hey Tom its my brothers Wayne and Bobby do you want to go to Columbus Market" "Yeah I'll go with you and your brothers" Wow the luck of the Irish getting out of chores and it was my wife's idea. Her brother Bobby is up from Tennessee with her parents for a surprise family gathering tomorrow for her brother David's wife she just got her doctors degree in education and is head of the Monmouth County Adult Education and career programs.
       Well Wayne and Bobby are here lets go its a 10 mile venture to Columbus Market in Burlington County

Well we are here of course Wayne,Patti and Bobby can't wait. I usually make this trip monthly and when the weather breaks about every Saturday, for the produce market however so much more there are acres of out side flea market booths, inside are permanent stores and one big section of Amish goods. lets go see.

 The produce is trucked in from all parts of the country year round and in season nothing like fresh Jersey fruits and veggies after all we are the garden state. I do have my favorite one here called Dutchie Boy.

"Ola Amigo" this man is here all the time I call him amigo and he says hello my friend we do talk he showed me pictures of his family I believe it was Ecuador.Call Patti brushel sprout lady she always buys sprouts and if none in stock she gets after Amigo about it and they joke back and forth over it. You can't beat the prices I spent $42.00 today and it would cost $70.00 in super market.

                                Lets go inside and check out what the Amish have

Oh my gosh!!! the aroma is so astounding, fresh backed breads,pies,cakes cookies and free samples try this hot oatmeal cookie the girl just took from the oven and sample the homemade peanut butter this Amish man has just put out numerous flavors of peanut butter. and the fresh homemade candies are drifting my way I'm going to gain 20lbs. just from inhaling.

 And this gentleman is making sandwiches at the Amish deli they make all there own meats and cheeses pickles I can't take it much longer.

 This Amish couple are working in the chocolate shop hot fudge,brownies,candy

 These ladies and young lad are working the luncheon counter hot fried chicken, sausage, kielbasa, mac&cheese there homemade franks and barbecue , etc. are you hungry yet.

 The aroma is pulling in airmen and soldiers from nearby McGuire Air force Base and Fort Dix at least they are use to long lines.

 And the Amish butcher cutting up meat before our eyes the meats are so great a little on the pricey side but no extra additives in there products the whole chickens are like the size of turkeys and if you are lucky you might see the butcher running meat through the sausage machine to make thelinksand the meats are wrapped in the brown butcher's paper and taped not in prepackaged cellophane,and cut to order.

 These ladies are working the pretzels and ice cream shop you know what is sinful you might want to try go over to bakery get a small fresh hot 6inch pie out of oven  blueberry or strawberry rhubarb are my favorites, then take it over to the ladies with ice cream and say two scoops of vanilla please just put it on the pie and don't forget to ask for a spoon then dig into heaven its Saturday you can go to confession tomorrow.
     The Amish also have a large craft store on site with homemade novelties also furniture store handmade bed frames, dinning tables, dressers, desk and outside they have Gazebos,wishing wells, sheds. OK lets walk through rest of the building check out some stores,then go outside to flea market

 as we look we see that it is early in season and the acres of flea market is pretty desolate in summer it would take most of day to check it all out and there will be dozens of portable kitchens with all kinds of foods cooking Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Korean, American

Lets look over under the roof section, OK there is a lot to see  everything from A to Z

                                                      How about some handbags

                                                Maybe a buck delivering salt and pepper

                                    Drunk cowboy wine bottle holder or cowboy boot wine holder

                                                              Whats this a troubadour

                                                What's Patti found A Harley Davidson Hog

                                                           How about a tin Rooster

Well after the tractors and trains lets head for home still have to put the corn beef and cabbage on for to-night peel the potatoes for the green mashed potatoes yeah and green beer and soda bread then later top it off with a McDonald's Shamrock Shake.  Well hope you enjoyed the trip to the market now that's weather warming up we have a lot more places in New Jersey to visit and don't forget Pennsylvania just the other side of Delaware River and Delaware and Maryland should be on agenda, But I have to get yard work done first.


  1. Tom,
    I really enjoyed the trip to the market! In real life my feet would probably hurt before I got through it all. I'm glad to see the tred of more people buying food stuff from places like this.

    1. Hi sharon yes it is nice to have an alternate choice to purchase needed staples and save a little doing it. It was nice to hear from some of your blogger friends not sure if I'm answering everyone the proper way does my reply go to there blog or to mine time will tell thanks for passing along.

  2. Hi Tom. Greetings from Wales, U.K. I'm a blogging friend of Sharon's and my name's Jennie. She suggested we check out your blog. I really LOVED the walk around the market and hope you will do a summer post when the fleamarket is going strong. I am addicted to car boot sales (similar to your fleamarkets I guess), though we do have fleamarkets too - a sort of upmarket car boot sale!

    The Amish fascinate me, so it was really interesting to see all their produce.

    Have a good day. I'll be back.

    1. Hi Jennie nice to meet you, I welcome new friends from the UK have some on Face Book. my youngest daughter and I said we would love to visit the UK we are both big soccer fans and Chelsea is our favorite team.
      still haven't figured out what a car boot is in the USA a car boot is a device the parking police put on tires of illegally parked vehicles so you can't drive until towed or fine paid,not a popular occupation.
      I also see you love horses, they are beautiful animals I do injoy watching them and you gave me an Idea, not far away we have large horse farms and the Horse Park of New Jersey nearby the new babys should be out in the fields soon maybe a day trip with camera, I'll stop by market and get a Hoagie (big sanwhich)
      The amish are nice people.

  3. Referred to your site by your cousin and enjoyed looking through your posts.

    1. Hi Lillian thanks for stopping by, My cousin's blogs inspired me to try one, still not sure I know what I'm doing I'll never be as verse in my writting as cousin Sharon shye could put a Philidelphia lawyer to shame. Hope to see you again.

  4. What an amazing market ....and I could almost smell the Amish food ...I look forward to dropping by your blog again, soon

    1. Hi Angie nice meeting you and the pleasure is all mine. Glad you liked the amazing smell of fresh made goods. now I'm hungary it's 6:20 and I best be getting dinner on, I work from 6am to 3pm so I try to have dinner ready for wife when she gets home from work at the doctor's office and my daughters get home from college nearby.

  5. Does anyone know how to edit blog replys after publishing or do you just have to catch mistake before hitting that publish button.