Monday, April 9, 2012

Splish Splash Taking A Bath

Another Saturday Afternoon kinda cool out I'd rather be lazy and relax inside, but first Jake wants to go outside. Wait Jake whats in the yard, let me grab the camera, subject of picture in the back of yard better put on the 200mm lens and filter and lets set the setting to fast I will take these shots through the glass door, Jake sit!! be quite I'll let you out in a few minutes.
                                       There spring Robin browsing around the Old Oak Tree

                                                 Now the "Robin is Bob Bobbing along"

                                                        "It was just another Sunshine  Saturday"

                                                           And "Splish Splash

                                           I Was Taking a Bath along about Saturday night"

                                                     Sitting on a fence got to dry off 

                                                      So "Lets Shake Rattle and Roll"

                             "Sitting in the Tree on Old Gay Bird Street, Rock in Robin"

Yes Jake you can go now, "Who let the dogs Out!!!  spring is just full of songs in the air  guess I'm just feeling a little silly today but its spring and "Spring is in the Air Now"

Friday, March 30, 2012


     It was a beautiful summer day in the sleepy little town of Orwell, Vermont a quite and peaceful place snuggled away in the southern end of the Lake Champlain Valley, it would have been perfect if not for the foul order blowing in on the westerly wind from the pulp paper mill across Lake Champlain located  in Ticonderoga, New York, this bad Oder only happened a few times a year, but boy did it give all the locals something to talk about they had some real choice words to say about "Ti".
     It was on this day when 9 year old Tommy Archer was racing down Church Street on his bike attached to handle bars was his baseball mitt, never knew when an opportunity for a little ball would pop up. As he rounded the corner on to Main Street by Wimp Browns Auto Repair Shop the silence was broken with the click click click click sound of old cardboard cards held fast in place to the bikes spokes with cloths pins to make the sound they were appropriate from his moms cloths line earlier that morning. Tommy was heading to his grand parents house on North Street not far now since there is only about 4 streets in the whole town covering about 1 mile by 1 mile of village. And when you are in the cockpit of a fighter jet like Tommy was in it would take no time at all, might even break the sound bearer coming up with that big natural made jump by Doc. Howard's driveway the frost heaves the last couple of winters made this a must jump to take. Wow what a jump Tommy just made must have been a mach 1 climb and to his port side he could see Doctor Howard's car was gone on a house call and there was a sign on door GONE HOUSE CALL be back at 5.
      Tommy had not seen Doc. Howard since late last fall, what a day Tommy was not feeling well and after some pleading with his mother she said " alright you can stay home from school you do have a little fever but I'm calling Dr. Howard".  Tommy agreed hesitantly he just hated those wooden tongue depressors stuck down his throat and no doubt in that black bag he would pull out that needle and give him a shot. His mom said he could lay on the couch and wait for the doctor, this would be fine except the television was not working his mother Elizabeth did call the T.V repairman day before said he would be here today.The repairman was there about 15 minutes before doctor and explained he would have to put in a small tube that blew out. Now Doc Howard  was examining the young patient on the couch and as Tommy expected the tongue depressor came out of the bag as Doc "said open wide Tommy and say Aw" the television came to life and the news man was on you never saw newsmen at 11:30 am but Walter Cronkite said" we interrupt this program with an important news bulletin just minutes ago in Dallas, Texas the President of The United States John F. Kennedy was shot while ridding in his motorcade and was killed" Well now all eyes in the house were glued to the television just as Tommy's Uncle Ernest Desjadon walked in, Tommy was not clear as to what was happening and was no longer center of attraction.His uncle Ernie said he was going to the church to ring the bell, now Tommy knew this was serious uncle Ernie was the Catholic Church bell ringer and only Sundays and very important times the bell was rung. Well a lot of discussion took place about the news report, Then Doctor Howard said "this young man needs to be in his bed he has the measles, make sure you keep the shades drawn and no lights on he must be kept in darkness until the measles are all gone in a few days and wouldn't you know it out came that old needle of his and bam in the butt it went. But Tommy could here the church bell ringing and ringing this guy Kennedy must really have been something cause uncle Ernie is about to ware the old bell out. November 22,1963 was a day Tommy and the rest of America would never forget.
     Well Tommy was still zooming down the street past Orwell volunteer fire house with its one truck and now was blasting past the gas pumps at Germain Blanchard's Garage and small convenience store and past the big message box where people could leave a note for the state trooper when he came around once a week mostly people with no phones and nothing like life threatening probably a dispute over a fence line or missing cow.
     Well gramps house was  now in site just two houses up from Blanchard's and great his Uncle Donald Labshere was stopping next to the front porch. as Tommy made another successful landing he jumped out of the cockpit and ran up to his uncle Don. "hey uncle Don maybe latter you want to throw the ball around some.  Don "maybe but lets go find gramp he probably in the back". as they walked past the front window Gram ma Sadie Archer was perched in gramps big lazy boy recliner this was a vantage point to see down the street to the post office and Buxton's store not a person could be missed by gram ma and her Hawk eye view, if you needed to know if some one was in town during the day Gram ma Archer could tell you when and who they spoke to. Well Tommy and Uncle Don said there hellos to Gram Archer and kept walking down the drive way toward the old horse barn and out house (yeah out house in the barn no running water in the house) picking there way since driveway was just two dirt tire tracks with grass growing down the center and of course talking baseball along the way the big news was the battle between Yankees greats Mickey Mantle and Roger Marris for the most home runs to be hit. they kept an eye open for Gramp this time of day he would probably be in his enormous vegetable garden or just sitting in his metal lawn chair under the old crab apple tree behind the shed attached to back of the house.The crab apples were a real pain for Tommy you couldn't run without rolling on the little apples and of course the bees would be attracted to them. However the old crab apple tree had many visitors just about every night in the summer for conversation and Probably some local gossip only time it would be quite was if there was a ball game down at the field on route 22A just up the road from Walt (punk) Beeman's garage.
     Gramp Arthur Archer, Harold (Brother as he was called by family&friends) Gram Sadie Archer, Lawrence Archer, Stanley Archer  Picture Taken June 1958.

     Tommy and Uncle Don stepped from the driveway to the back lawn behind shed and they stopped dead in there tracks and stared in complete Aw  they were not sure what  they were seeing what in the world could this be. Gramp was sitting on an old wooden milk bottle crate pants rolled up to his knees his feet were covered in a thick shinny black goo and on his legs even his red suspenders had black goo on them and gramp had no shirt on (Tommy had never seen gramp without a shirt) the shirt, socks , shoes and old brown work boots were scattered about the lawn and Gramp was dipping a rag in a old Red Man Chewing Tobacco can that he used to spit in after he took a chew (chaw) of tobacco but this rag was dripping wet and gramp was wipeing it between his toes trying to remove the goo.Leaning up against the shed was Gramp's old wooden ladder with goo on every rung and a foot trail from ladder to the steps in shed up steps to the barrels by door going into house this was gramps kerosene supply to heat house and to run kitchen stove. Apparently the Red Man can was full of Kerosene, but the look on Tommy's face was why? Finally Uncle Don broke the silence " Art what in Sam Hill are you doing "then he started to laugh his keen eye and Yankee Reasoning must have figured this out already. Gramp "Donald by Jehovah  you just hush your smart mouth and stop that laughing you hear me ."But Arthur what happened "? Uncle Don asked with one hand holding him up against the shed and other holding his belly as he laughed, now Tommy starts laughing mainly at the site and seeing his uncle almost in tears. Then Gramp " well if yo hyenas must know it was a nice day and thought I would Tar that shed roof, ( Tommy now knows what the black goo is) and I was doing real fine until I got near the back wall and realized I was working ass backward and worked myself into the corner." Only way Gramp had to get back to the ladder was to take his shoes and socks off and toss them down to the ground and walk the 20 plus feet to the ladder through the fresh thick coating of tar  " by Jehovah it was slippery and when I  got to ladder did not want to fall off roof so I had to get down on all fours and squirm to ladder. By now the two on lookers were rolling in laughter at poor gramps dilemma. Uncle Don says Art you crazy old coot why would you go up there? why didn't you ask us younger guys for help.
     Well gramp in his embarrassment just couldn't find it in his stubborn pride to ask for help he was very independent. Tommy sees a car pulling down the drive its his Uncle Lawrence Archer and his dad Stanley just returning home from work at Middleburry college as  they get out of car they are also in amazement of the spectacle they are observing in front of them and Uncle Don takes the liberty to tell them as he catches his breath now the whole back yard is in laughter minus one who is still working at the gooey tar with rag and kerosene and a face as red as the Red Man can. Gramp "Stanley, Lawrence don't you two start or I will kick your butts to kingdom come. Then uncle Don " please don't do that Art your foot will stick to there britches.
     Now the sound of the backdoor from the house to the shed could be heard opening it was gram ma Archer " What in tar nation is all this commotion out here you all gone loco or something.The thump thump of Gram's footsteps coming down the steps were clear to everyone outside then the thumping stops " Arthur what the hell have you got all over these steps its on the bottom of my shoes" thump thump thump now gram ma appears at the bottom door of shed wearing her blue dress with the flower prints,her red and yellow apron and her gray shoes now displayed the black gooey tar on there sides and toes the laughter had subsided until gram ma spotted gramp  " Arthur you old fool you, look at yourself what the hell have you done to yourself".
       Well needless to say that there was a few more chuckles and  gram ma Archer had a few more questions, but eventually order was restored under the old crab apple tree as everyone pitched in to help clean up of course no adults lite any cigarettes next to gramp and Tommy fetched pails of water from gramps rain barrel next to the barn and a bar of soap for gramp, eventually he looked like himself again.  As to the out come of the roof did it eventually get tarred we don't know the bucket was left up there for a couple of weeks and things weren't exactly the same under the old crab apple tree for awhile and in this small town there was something new to talk about until some one else managed to become the news.

        This is my first attempt of telling a story on a blog. or in writing ever, I do swear it is a true event and not fiction a few details might have been left out since its been 50 years Since Tommy (now Tom)  saw this event and some of the conversation might have been how should I say cleaned up a might.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Week

 Well this seems to have been one of those weeks that we all dread as far as work goes, I work at the Home Depot Store in receiving department,  From mid March to late June is our busiest time of year mainly because people are starting all there out door projects and at our store we receive around a million dollars of freight each week and when I walk in on Monday morning and see all the junk that has piled up on the loading dock floor from the weekend I would like to turn around and go home. But of course Iwill just take a deep breath and venture on.

There should be four doors where trucks can back up to unload, whats the schedule look like, Oh No have deliveries scheduled within the hour.OK time to take bull by the horns and get this place in order.

                In the far background is the door to the sales floor, Where do I start?

 OK our first truck is here from the regional distribution center in Allentown,Pa. OK what moron at distribution center forgot to use load locks to keep freight from tipping over really nice when you open door and almost get buried alive.

 Thanks to some help we get the mess picked up and the Toyota forklift can now bring to loading dock.
Yeah!! its 3 O'clock pm lets punch out and go home, hope rest of week not like today, Not to bore you but it was an exasperating week.

                            Well I arrive home to find that Rocky had a rough day also

                 And even with him tomorrow is a tough day hes just got to stretch out and chill

 Finally just going to sit down kick my feet up and watch the Fox News Channel.  Who appears why its Jake: "Come on Tom lets go outside for a walk its a nice 76 Degrees I've been shut in all day with that cat Rocky".

Some times I feel like Jake is part Human when he sits there staring at me how can I refuse. "OK Jake where did you put your dogie leash".

Well after awhile we make it down to the south east side of the marsh past the old Abbott House.

                           We walk aways on the Abbott Trail. Jake says time for a break

After we get Home I decided to put out on the floor what would appear Tobe an empty box.

                                                             In reality it is a  "CAT TRAP"

Well Saturday has finally arrived, where did the nice weather go its very chilly closed up all the windows don't believe it turned up the heat its only in the mid 40's weatherman said high today mid 50's with showers and heavy rain tonight.  Now I have to call the hospital in Springfield ,Vermont my mom was admitted on Thursday for what they call a slight heart attack and mild case of pneumonia,she is alert and all her vitals are good they just want to keep her under observation for a couple of days they don't even have her on any medication except for aspirin. But she is a toughVermonter 93 years and 8 months young says she wants to go home. my mom is the young girl Lizzie that my cousin Sharon (Mornings Minion) writes about in her stories.
I've tried to make this posting with a little humor, for me a little laughter helps to make a tough situation a little easier to deal with.

This morning went to Franklin, New Jersey for my Nephew William "WOO WOO" Schaed's 1st Birthday Party it was a good time and a perfect way to end a rough week, However I feel the Lord is going to answer my prayers and it will be much better, After all the lord is busy and answers many prayers everyday so I don't expect them to be answered right away, after all he has to prioritise to,why should he be any quicker than the phone company or the cable guy.  See you all next week and one more prayer lord please bring back warm weather.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Buds & Blooms

 well what a day 79 degrees and I'm home from the salt mines and Jake the dog said "come on lets see whats happening outside" so with Jake leading the way and giving me a tour of our yard. "Dang look how everything has started to bud and Bloom. Won't be long and the purple lilacs will be blooming unlike Vermont where you did not see blooms until around May 31st Memorial Day.

 The Honey Suckle I planted for Patti last summer is budding and blossoming just to clarify all the plants in our yard are my wife's even if I brought them home,dug the hole, planted, and watered, That's just the way it is.

The forsythia Bush is almost ready for the tweedy birds to move in when the green leaves appear.

 Patti's miniature rose is looking good over the years daughters Jess & Domi have given several miniature rose bushes to my wife for mother's day and they keep coming back, they've been transplanted bunch of times. The flower beds look pretty vacant last fall decided to clean out was getting to congested. I do have to think of something quick for the beds last two years we've had a mother rabbit make a nest in flower bed and raise a family of little bunnies. I would make a cover out of lattice to protect them from cats and our tour guide Jake. "Yeah you Jake, now show the rest of the yard.

                                             Another miniature rose coming up

                                                     Some tulips and of course some weeds

This Ugly looking mess is some grape vines I planted and yes they are mine they took off fast last summer I got to do something different with them. had a bunch of grapes growing watched all summer couldn't wait to harvest, neither could the squirrels and birds, I want to use the large grape leaves for cooking roll some lamb & rice with grape leave and steam like stuffed cabbage "to die for"

                            Patti's butterfly bush just planted late last summer is starting to come to life

                                               The hyacinths are coming up and blooming

Jake says" Tom put the camera away and start doing some work you played Hooke from the yard all weekend and there is extra rakes in shed if anyone wants to help, after all Tom you will have to check blog latter and cook dinner for girls some fresh veggies from the market".   " OK Jake you win I'll rake you push the wheel barrow and stop digging holes by fence".

Saturday, March 17, 2012

To Market To Market


Happy St. Patrick's Day "The Top Of The Morning To You" Its a chilly morning here today and foggy can't see the Marsh from Window has an Erie look to it. Well when the sun comes out guess I better work in the yard today got to do spring clean up and put down some fertilizer and weed prevent er, but if I stop the crabgrass then I won't have much of a lawn.
Patti's cell phone ringing "Hey Tom its my brothers Wayne and Bobby do you want to go to Columbus Market" "Yeah I'll go with you and your brothers" Wow the luck of the Irish getting out of chores and it was my wife's idea. Her brother Bobby is up from Tennessee with her parents for a surprise family gathering tomorrow for her brother David's wife she just got her doctors degree in education and is head of the Monmouth County Adult Education and career programs.
       Well Wayne and Bobby are here lets go its a 10 mile venture to Columbus Market in Burlington County

Well we are here of course Wayne,Patti and Bobby can't wait. I usually make this trip monthly and when the weather breaks about every Saturday, for the produce market however so much more there are acres of out side flea market booths, inside are permanent stores and one big section of Amish goods. lets go see.

 The produce is trucked in from all parts of the country year round and in season nothing like fresh Jersey fruits and veggies after all we are the garden state. I do have my favorite one here called Dutchie Boy.

"Ola Amigo" this man is here all the time I call him amigo and he says hello my friend we do talk he showed me pictures of his family I believe it was Ecuador.Call Patti brushel sprout lady she always buys sprouts and if none in stock she gets after Amigo about it and they joke back and forth over it. You can't beat the prices I spent $42.00 today and it would cost $70.00 in super market.

                                Lets go inside and check out what the Amish have

Oh my gosh!!! the aroma is so astounding, fresh backed breads,pies,cakes cookies and free samples try this hot oatmeal cookie the girl just took from the oven and sample the homemade peanut butter this Amish man has just put out numerous flavors of peanut butter. and the fresh homemade candies are drifting my way I'm going to gain 20lbs. just from inhaling.

 And this gentleman is making sandwiches at the Amish deli they make all there own meats and cheeses pickles I can't take it much longer.

 This Amish couple are working in the chocolate shop hot fudge,brownies,candy

 These ladies and young lad are working the luncheon counter hot fried chicken, sausage, kielbasa, mac&cheese there homemade franks and barbecue , etc. are you hungry yet.

 The aroma is pulling in airmen and soldiers from nearby McGuire Air force Base and Fort Dix at least they are use to long lines.

 And the Amish butcher cutting up meat before our eyes the meats are so great a little on the pricey side but no extra additives in there products the whole chickens are like the size of turkeys and if you are lucky you might see the butcher running meat through the sausage machine to make thelinksand the meats are wrapped in the brown butcher's paper and taped not in prepackaged cellophane,and cut to order.

 These ladies are working the pretzels and ice cream shop you know what is sinful you might want to try go over to bakery get a small fresh hot 6inch pie out of oven  blueberry or strawberry rhubarb are my favorites, then take it over to the ladies with ice cream and say two scoops of vanilla please just put it on the pie and don't forget to ask for a spoon then dig into heaven its Saturday you can go to confession tomorrow.
     The Amish also have a large craft store on site with homemade novelties also furniture store handmade bed frames, dinning tables, dressers, desk and outside they have Gazebos,wishing wells, sheds. OK lets walk through rest of the building check out some stores,then go outside to flea market

 as we look we see that it is early in season and the acres of flea market is pretty desolate in summer it would take most of day to check it all out and there will be dozens of portable kitchens with all kinds of foods cooking Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Korean, American

Lets look over under the roof section, OK there is a lot to see  everything from A to Z

                                                      How about some handbags

                                                Maybe a buck delivering salt and pepper

                                    Drunk cowboy wine bottle holder or cowboy boot wine holder

                                                              Whats this a troubadour

                                                What's Patti found A Harley Davidson Hog

                                                           How about a tin Rooster

Well after the tractors and trains lets head for home still have to put the corn beef and cabbage on for to-night peel the potatoes for the green mashed potatoes yeah and green beer and soda bread then later top it off with a McDonald's Shamrock Shake.  Well hope you enjoyed the trip to the market now that's weather warming up we have a lot more places in New Jersey to visit and don't forget Pennsylvania just the other side of Delaware River and Delaware and Maryland should be on agenda, But I have to get yard work done first.