Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Week

 Well this seems to have been one of those weeks that we all dread as far as work goes, I work at the Home Depot Store in receiving department,  From mid March to late June is our busiest time of year mainly because people are starting all there out door projects and at our store we receive around a million dollars of freight each week and when I walk in on Monday morning and see all the junk that has piled up on the loading dock floor from the weekend I would like to turn around and go home. But of course Iwill just take a deep breath and venture on.

There should be four doors where trucks can back up to unload, whats the schedule look like, Oh No have deliveries scheduled within the hour.OK time to take bull by the horns and get this place in order.

                In the far background is the door to the sales floor, Where do I start?

 OK our first truck is here from the regional distribution center in Allentown,Pa. OK what moron at distribution center forgot to use load locks to keep freight from tipping over really nice when you open door and almost get buried alive.

 Thanks to some help we get the mess picked up and the Toyota forklift can now bring to loading dock.
Yeah!! its 3 O'clock pm lets punch out and go home, hope rest of week not like today, Not to bore you but it was an exasperating week.

                            Well I arrive home to find that Rocky had a rough day also

                 And even with him tomorrow is a tough day hes just got to stretch out and chill

 Finally just going to sit down kick my feet up and watch the Fox News Channel.  Who appears why its Jake: "Come on Tom lets go outside for a walk its a nice 76 Degrees I've been shut in all day with that cat Rocky".

Some times I feel like Jake is part Human when he sits there staring at me how can I refuse. "OK Jake where did you put your dogie leash".

Well after awhile we make it down to the south east side of the marsh past the old Abbott House.

                           We walk aways on the Abbott Trail. Jake says time for a break

After we get Home I decided to put out on the floor what would appear Tobe an empty box.

                                                             In reality it is a  "CAT TRAP"

Well Saturday has finally arrived, where did the nice weather go its very chilly closed up all the windows don't believe it turned up the heat its only in the mid 40's weatherman said high today mid 50's with showers and heavy rain tonight.  Now I have to call the hospital in Springfield ,Vermont my mom was admitted on Thursday for what they call a slight heart attack and mild case of pneumonia,she is alert and all her vitals are good they just want to keep her under observation for a couple of days they don't even have her on any medication except for aspirin. But she is a toughVermonter 93 years and 8 months young says she wants to go home. my mom is the young girl Lizzie that my cousin Sharon (Mornings Minion) writes about in her stories.
I've tried to make this posting with a little humor, for me a little laughter helps to make a tough situation a little easier to deal with.

This morning went to Franklin, New Jersey for my Nephew William "WOO WOO" Schaed's 1st Birthday Party it was a good time and a perfect way to end a rough week, However I feel the Lord is going to answer my prayers and it will be much better, After all the lord is busy and answers many prayers everyday so I don't expect them to be answered right away, after all he has to prioritise to,why should he be any quicker than the phone company or the cable guy.  See you all next week and one more prayer lord please bring back warm weather.

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  1. Tom,
    That does sound like a rough week--for you, obviously not for Rocky! Getting outside for a walk does make most any situation seem better.
    Your Mom is a remarkable lady, quiet, but spunky!
    Let's hope this coming week is better all around.