Monday, March 19, 2012

Buds & Blooms

 well what a day 79 degrees and I'm home from the salt mines and Jake the dog said "come on lets see whats happening outside" so with Jake leading the way and giving me a tour of our yard. "Dang look how everything has started to bud and Bloom. Won't be long and the purple lilacs will be blooming unlike Vermont where you did not see blooms until around May 31st Memorial Day.

 The Honey Suckle I planted for Patti last summer is budding and blossoming just to clarify all the plants in our yard are my wife's even if I brought them home,dug the hole, planted, and watered, That's just the way it is.

The forsythia Bush is almost ready for the tweedy birds to move in when the green leaves appear.

 Patti's miniature rose is looking good over the years daughters Jess & Domi have given several miniature rose bushes to my wife for mother's day and they keep coming back, they've been transplanted bunch of times. The flower beds look pretty vacant last fall decided to clean out was getting to congested. I do have to think of something quick for the beds last two years we've had a mother rabbit make a nest in flower bed and raise a family of little bunnies. I would make a cover out of lattice to protect them from cats and our tour guide Jake. "Yeah you Jake, now show the rest of the yard.

                                             Another miniature rose coming up

                                                     Some tulips and of course some weeds

This Ugly looking mess is some grape vines I planted and yes they are mine they took off fast last summer I got to do something different with them. had a bunch of grapes growing watched all summer couldn't wait to harvest, neither could the squirrels and birds, I want to use the large grape leaves for cooking roll some lamb & rice with grape leave and steam like stuffed cabbage "to die for"

                            Patti's butterfly bush just planted late last summer is starting to come to life

                                               The hyacinths are coming up and blooming

Jake says" Tom put the camera away and start doing some work you played Hooke from the yard all weekend and there is extra rakes in shed if anyone wants to help, after all Tom you will have to check blog latter and cook dinner for girls some fresh veggies from the market".   " OK Jake you win I'll rake you push the wheel barrow and stop digging holes by fence".


  1. I love close-ups of everything coming into bud and bloom--doesn't matter how many years spring rolls around, it is always a miracle.
    Sounds like you do some good work in the kitchen!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful this time of year. My Dad was one who observed all the signs of the changing seasons and called them to my attention from the time I was very young. I'm thankful he gave me the habit of noticing.